Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artist Feature: Edie Teubner

Edie Teubner is a mixed media artist working with fabrics, stones, silver, and found pieces.  She uses recycled and vintage elements, and this broad use of materials provides great variety to her art.  Her work ranges from vintage tie headbands and scarves to recipe keepers to ruffled vintage pillowcase aprons to purses and hobo bags.  

Edie started sewing and making jewelry when she was very young.  She doesn't like using conventional patterns or instructions, so her work has evolved into her own unique designs.  This will be her first year at the Bizarre Bazaar.

She enjoys working on custom orders and more of her work can be found online on Facebook and her website

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Artist Feature: Vivan Robinson

Vivian Robinson is a needle felting artist who makes whimsical characters like cowboys and trolls with an amazing amount of detail.  She does this work from her home, getting her start after hearing about needle felting from another artist.

Her creations are made over a wire armature and wear hand sewn clothing.  She does this work from her home and uses Shetland wool that she hand dyes as necessary for each item.

This will be Vivian's first year at the Bizarre Bazaar and she is open to taking custom orders.  More of her work can be found at Kansas Originals or online in her VR Farms Needle Felted Creations Etsy shop.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Artist Feature: Kara McKamey

Kara is a ceramics artist and will be joining the Bizarre Bazaar for the first time this year.  She makes pottery and potters at Muddy Waters Studio, a little ceramic art center behind the Merc in Lawrence.  

Kara has been doing this artwork since 1995 and takes custom orders.  She also teaches others how to make pottery and has open studio rental available.  She loves being a part of the Lawrence community and more of her work can be found online on Facebook and on her website,