Friday, April 18, 2014

Want to be a BizBaz Artist?

The Bizarre Bazaar is a non juried show with a "first received, first in" registration philosophy.  If you're an artist who is interested in participating this fall, you can download the "get on the list" form from the BizBaz website here.  Mail that in and we will put you on the mailing list so you get a registration form when they go out. 

A few FAQs regarding registration:
  • Why don't you offer online registration?
    • Snail mail registration keeps the process fair for everyone.  The show fills up very quickly and this helps keep the emphasis on local artwork.  
  • Why can't I just email you or send you my address through the Facebook page?
    • Requiring people to use the "get on the list" form keeps our mailing list from exploding - the effort it takes to download the form and mail it in tends to keep anyone not truly interested from following through.  If you don't submit the "get on the list" form, you won't be added to the mailing list.
  • When do registration forms go out? 
    • Registrations usually go out around the beginning of June.  Announcements will be posted on the blog, FB, and Twitter.
  •  What is expected of participating artists?
    • You can read all about how the show works by downloading the "Artist Expectations" form on the website.
  • What if I mail in a registration form but I don't get into the show?
    • Once the show spots are filled, checks are returned to artists who don't get a booth.  But we do keep a waiting list and move people into the show if possible.  Payment is due if and when a spot opens up. 

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